Abous Us

  • The core developers formed as a group of University students at Trinity College Dublin who needed more of challenge that the computer science course was providing.
  • During the Summer of 2012, the School of Computer Science & Statistics of TCD gave members of the core dev team internships in the university to help develop the TopHat platform.
  • Under the patronage of ScaleFront & Sean Blanchfield, co-founder of Demonware, we secured an office in the heart of Dublin city center on Dawson St. This was a fantastic boost as working together the same room for once really pushed things along.
  • Currently we are working away at getting the platform ready for beta testing, so it can be launched for general use.
  • We provide a wide range of mobile app and web development services. To find out more more, feel free to contact us at hello@tophat.ie.
Our Office

The Mad Hatters (Our Team)

  • Kevin Baker

    Kevin Baker

    Kayaker, rock-climber and adventurer. 100% insomniac. Good code is only ever written after midnight.

  • Kevin Bluett

    Kevin Bluett  

    Loves playing cello and can't live without coffee. Wears a TopHat. That is all.

  • Conor Brady

    Conor Brady

    Developer and Designer. ex-Apple fanboy, having recently discovered Android.

  • Kevin Bluett

    Ian Connolly

    Developer, engineer and start-up dude. Should not be allowed near Photoshop.

  • Kevin Bluett

    Matt Donnelly

    Pixel Pirate, or some other 'witty' name for a designer to the same effect.
    ✟ #yolo ✟

  • Kevin Bluett

    Eoin Flanagan

    TopHat intern with the SCSS in Trinity. "chillin with mah bromies"

  • Kevin Bluett

    Colm Vize

    Give SCSS nothing until they give us rackspace.