• The Assassin game is played on a yearly basis by the student body of Trinity College, and we hope that an electronic version of the game will make it easier and quicker to setup and run. This game will be played off-peak by individuals on an ongoing basis, with leaderboards for players and bonus perks for high scores. Players are presented with a image of their assigned target. They are also given information about their target’s approximate location to get them started.
  • Meanwhile, another player will be provided with the same information about them. Players must track down their target while avoiding the player targeting them. Once a player has tracked down their target, they simply need to take a photo of their target which will be verified using face-recognition to confirm the kill. The player then inherits the target of their victim as their next target.


  • This game is designed to be short term and high interaction between a large group of people. Teams of players are given colored t-shirts with QR codes on the back and Science Gallery and QR-Zar branding on the front to represent their assigned team. Players score points by scanning the QR code of any opposing team member.
  • When a player is scanned, the player is timed-out of the game for a set period of time and they lose personal leaderboard points. Players are guided through the game area by Mission Control. These teams play for a set period of time after which the winning team is announced and the highest individual scorer. The players also retain their points for use on persistent leaderboards where they can compete on an individual basis and unlock bonus perks for their team.